The Eternal Fire Campaign

So, today’s post feels somewhat like too little, too late, between the fact that I have made almost no posts on here since the majority of my models are stranded halfway across the country and the recent deluge of content on both my cosplay and writing blogs, but it serves as a harbinger of what will hopefully be a major influx of lore content. In addition, I will hopefully have my models shortly after Fourth of July weekend, if not sooner, and will therefore be able to show them off to you. The forces of the Inquisition will soon have their day in the sun!

What I come to announce is that good old Kraut Scientist from the blog whose praises I cannot sing enough, Eternal Hunt, has reached out to let me know that he still wants to work with me on lore and will be reaching out to me sometime this week with ideas and/or content.

This is beyond exciting for me, as exposure via his blog can do nothing but good for this blog, but also simply because Kraut is a genius writer and hobbyist. He manages to take things like the World Eaters, who I always found flat and uninteresting, and make them stand out, even compared to similar forces that I’ve always preferred conceptually, such as Emperor’s Children Noise Marines.

In fact, I probably owe a large portion of my love for the Inquisition to his absolutely stellar Inq28 projects.

What I wanted to do here is direct you to the first collaboration we did. Unfortunately, of the two characters mentioned therein, only Kraut has yet built his model equivalent, but I hope to match his feat some day.

The lore segment I am referring to has had some tweaks on my end to bring it into alignment with my “Files Inquisitae” line of lore, and can be read here.

However, most of that is fluffy delivery, and the meat of the segment can be read, along with Kraut Scientist’s parallel segment, at this post on his blog.

I must admit, I was beyond honoured by his reply, which was largely the reason I reached out to propose an extended collaboration.

However, I didn’t want this project to just be a series of little fights, but rather an overall story  of the war for a sector within the world of Warhammer 40k, and I began to look back through my lore and my contacts to see how this could be done.

In so doing, I rediscovered the fact that Inquisitor Mikhailovich has a thing for killing Necrons (hence the title of this blog). I immediately reached out to a friend of mine (who shall rename unnamed on here until he chooses a screen name) who plays, among other things, Necrons, and offered that his ‘Crons could join the war the Khorne’s Eternal Hunt and the Mikhailovichan Guard (and their Auxiliaries/allies) have begun. He responded with interest and might appear on here soon.

In addition, my brother has expressed interest in lending either his Chaos Marines (the Cleansers of Ladon, fallen Salamanders with a Slaaneshii auxiliary force) to the Eternal Hunt, or in cleansing the rest of us entirely with his Tyranids. We’ll have to see where that goes.

The culminating point of this all is that I am incredibly excited to introduce to you the Campaign of Eternal Fire.

Stayed tuned for more!

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